Accredited Financial Management Programme in South Africa

Available Training Accredited Financial Management Programme in South Africa, Interpret Financial Reports, Company And Shareholder Valuations, Apply NOW!

Accredited Financial Management Courses In South Africa provides an overview of the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to manage finances in a public or business sector context.

In today’s business environment, all senior managers require a practical working knowledge of financial management to make informed business decisions. This is why most managers do Accredited Financial Management Courses In South Africa for the success of the organization.

Accredited Financial Management Programme in South Africa explores the following:

  • Complex challenges of financial management decision-making processes
  • Budgeting and cash-flow projections
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Financial statements with respect to balance sheets
  • Income and expenditure statements
  • Assets register, ratio analysis, business investment
  • Financing decisions, current asset management and dividend policy.
  • The areas of mergers and acquisitions are also explored

Why Study Accredited Financial Management Courses In South Africa

This is a field for individuals who are passionately interested in business, investment and financial markets, and all the excitement and financial reward attendant thereto.

Individuals who wish to become chief executive officers, chief investment officers, financial directors, financial risk managers, stock brokers, financial advisors, investment analysts, investment bankers, merchant bankers, portfolio managers, public sector consultants, financial journalists and financial researchers.

On Completion Of Accredited Financial Management Programme in South Africa

  1. Obtain and assimilate knowledge appropriate to the practice of financial management in any organisation.
  2. Obtain professional and technical skills required in Financial Management.
  3. Evaluate financial and accounting concepts and principles and their application in solutions to practical finance problems
  4. Prepare financial statements of entities, including groups of companies, using relevant financial information, accounting techniques and standards; and to analyse and interpret such financial statements
  5. Use relevant financial techniques with cost information, for planning, decision-making, performance evaluation and control, within different business settings.
  6. Apply financial management techniques to issues affecting investment, financing, and dividend policy decisions of an organisation.
  7. Understand the general legal framework, and apply specific legal principles relating to business, including taxation legislation as applicable to individuals, single companies and groups of companies.
  8. Explain the process of carrying out the assurance (audit) engagement and its application in the context of the professional (audit) regulatory framework.
  9. Describe the organisational context of the financial manager and of the development of financial systems; to understand the need for the efficient use of resources within an organisation

Requirements For Accredited Financial Management Courses In South Africa

This course is suited for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and understanding with in the field of Financial Management. There are no specific entrance requirements.

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