Geographic Information Systems

We are offering Geographic Information Systems Training in South Africa, Individuals, Companies, Government and NGOs are welcome. APPLY NOW!

The aim of Accredited Geographic Information Systems Training In South Africa is to prepare managers in geo-spatial science where they will work with spatial information. They will be able to manipulate data and provide information about the earth to planners, engineers, environmental managers and commerce.

Geographic Information Systems

Accredited Geographic Information Systems Training In South Africa is used to explore, visualize and analyse data. Computer-based systems bring advanced information management techniques to science, business and governments across the globe.

Geographic Information Systems Purpose and Rationale

Prospective students will be interested in geography, computer science, maths, science, physics and information technology, have an aptitude for design, love variety, and working both indoors and outdoors.

Applicants should have an aptitude for Mathematics and Drawing, good spatial perception, and an eye for detail. An interest in computers and geography is strongly recommended.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Know where to find international standards on geographic information;
  • Be able to read and interpret a standard;
  • Understand how to implement a standard; and
  • Be able to determine whether a standard implementation conforms to the standard.

Career Opportunities

Accredited Geographic Information Systems Training In South Africa professionals are highly employable in a growing variety of careers using GPS, geo-database systems, geo-information technology, satellite imagery and remote sensing  to enable effective decision making in areas from urban planning, management of natural resources and the environment, health to emergency services.


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