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A SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses is a body that is responsible for overseeing skills development and training within a particular industry sector. Different SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses were established for the different industry sectors in terms of the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998.

It can also be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as an Education and Training Quality Assurance body, which allows the SETA to accredit training providers that provide education and training in its sector.

The Role Of SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses

The main purpose of a SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses is to improve and develop skills within its sector, to identify skills development needs, and to ensure that national standards are maintained. In order to achieve this purpose, a SETA will develop and implement a sector specific skills plan, and will monitor education and training within its sector.

Once a SETA has been accredited by SAQA, it also evaluates and accredits training providers within its sector.

SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses Also Do The Following:

  • Administer the funds that are collected in terms of the Skills Development Levy,
  • Promote the creation of learner-ships within the relevant sector
  • Perform quality assurance functions in order to ensure that the applicable standards are being maintained,
  • Aim to ensure that learners and members of the workforce have the skills that are required by the relevant industry sectors.

Purpose Of SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses Accreditation?

SETA accreditation is therefore the result of a process whereby a SETA determines whether a training provider has the necessary capacity and ability to provide quality training in line with National Qualifications Framework standards. Also SETA accreditation is to make sure that education and training is of a high standard and quality and that it is relevant to the needs of the industry sector in question.

If a training provider has SETA accreditation, it means that the training provider’s courses comply with the NQF standards, and that the courses offered have been evaluated to ensure that they are in line with these standards. SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses accreditation also aims to ensure that there is uniformity of similar courses offered by different training providers.

SETA Accredited Courses Training Courses Include :

  1. Office Automation for Secretaries, Supervisors, Managers and Executives using MS office Packages such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Access and Publisher
  2. Web Design and Image Editing Skills using Artisteer and Photoshop, Indesign and Corel Draw software
  3. Project Management in detail using MS Project Software
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation using SIGMAH software
  5. Electronic Records Management using Krystal DMS software
  6. Statistics using IBM SPSS software
  7. GIS Mapping using Tableu software
  8. IT Technical Courses such as IT Database Design using Stractured Query Languages (SQL) and IT Networks Security using Cisco Technologies

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