Accredited Water and Wastewater Treatment Training

Accredited Africa Training Institute is providing training in Water and wastewater treatment training. This is a 1, 2 or 3 weeks programme that is internationally recognised. Course Fees are reasonable and training is in Centurion, South Africa.

This qualification is aimed at persons who work or intend to work in the water and wastewater treatment plant and who seek recognition for essential skills in water and wastewater treatment works. This qualification will provide learners with a basic knowledge and understanding of the water and wastewater treatment works. Qualifying learners will be able to operate processes at a water and wastewater treatment works in line with the relevant legislation within the water sector. The qualifying learner will understand the implications on cost, health and the environmental conservation of water. This qualification forms the foundation for advancement or progression to the highest levels within the qualification learning pathways.

Qualifying learners will be competent in Water and Wastewater Treatment:

Applying fundamental knowledge and understanding of current legislation specific to water and wastewater treatment.
Operating processes at a water and wastewater treatment works.
Demonstrating an understanding and knowledge of equipment to be used to perform water and wastewater treatment works.
Communicating with team workers for effective shift take-over and hand-over.

Rationale for Water and Wastewater Treatment:

This qualification reflects the workplace-based needs of water and wastewater process operators working in the water sector that are expressed by employers and employees, both now and for the future. The introduction of a National Certificate in Water and Wastewater Process Operations on NQF Level 2 provides the learner with a career path in water and wastewater processes with skills specific to the operation of processes of a water and wastewater treatment works and progression to a National Certificate in Water and Wastewater Process [senior operator] on NQF Level 3 (which will provide the skills necessary for the supervision of a water and wastewater treatment works).

This qualification will enable learners to reach their potential of advancement without the lack of formal education being an impassable barrier. In addition, the qualification will provide access to employment opportunities within the water sector, together with the flexibility to pursue different careers other related sectors such as pollution control, wet industries, electricity generation, environmental qualifications and will allow for advancement through the recognition of prior learning.

This qualification also focuses on the development of the learner and further mobility and transportability within the water sector. It has been developed to assist with standardisation across the water purification industry and to permit learners, through several common unit standards, to access the complementary Wastewater Process Operation qualification with valuable employment potentials. This qualification will enhance productivity within the water sector, improve the health of communities and contribute towards the ecological sustainability and improvement of the water environment. The individual will have the capacity to advance and gain skills and self- confidence.

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  1. I have practical Level 3 Certificate in Water Purification an at school I did History streem so want to know what course to do to continue with my Cetificate

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