Drafting Commercial Contracts

ample Clauses, Drafting Workshops, Pointers to Drafting and Checklists

This is a Practical Interactive 2 Weeks Training Programme Designed to Develop Your Skills to Draft Clear and Concise Commercial Agreements.

This Comprehensive Two-Part Programme Focuses on Delivering Practical and Applied Training of the Key Drafting Skills. Draft clear and concise commercial agreements that meet the challenges of today’s commercial environment

This comprehensive two-part programme focuses on delivering practical and applied training of the key drafting skills needed to create transparent and direct contracts that deliver on a legal and commercial level.

Be introduced to the drafting process including the figures & formula and the execution formalities
Get an overview of how forming a contract including creating a binding and enforceable agreement
Have explained to them the limitation and exclusion of damages
Be taught about how drafting warranties and indemnities
Have an overview of the termination and force majeure
Be taught about the boilerplate clauses

Who should attend

In-house legal counsel
Private practice lawyers
Contract managers
Legal advisors and consultants
Commercial Directors
Legal support
Finance directors and financial controllers
Managing directors
Business development managers

This intensive Drafting Commercial Contracts course will take the participant through the key steps in drafting successful commercial contracts to minimize legal and commercial risk in contracts. Most disputes are about the interpretation of a contract term. Disputes can be expensive, damage commercial relations and take up valuable management time, this course is designed to avoid potential disputes.

You will be taken through the structure of a contract, then the drafting process by introducing you to a framework that will be easy to adopt from the course onwards; also, how to analyze the meaning and impact of yours and counter party’s contract clauses.

You will be taken through the steps of what is needed to have a binding enforceable contract, and the way in which terms are categorized, such as express and implied terms, that is those terms that the law says are a part of the contract even though you did not insert them.

Sharing draft clauses and pointers to drafting you will be taken through critical and significant clauses that form a part of all commercial contracts, including the limitation and exclusion of damages, the regularly misunderstood and wrongly drafted warranties, and indemnities. Unless they are drafted carefully to certain rules they may not provide the remedies you think they do.

The Drafting Commercial Contracts course will look at commonly used terminology such as ‘Best Endeavours’ and ‘Reasonable Endeavours’ the duty they create and how to bring a contract to an end – the different options in your control and those beyond your control such as Force Majeure and Frustration.

Participants will be taken through key boilerplate terms with sample clauses and pointers to drafting to ensure that contracts are effectively performed and that rights and obligations are clear and effective to pre-empt disputes and minimize risk.

Throughout the course, the group will practice the drafting of clauses with feedback and coaching by the facilitator.



South Africa

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Course Outline

Introduction and Structure
Interpreting contract terms
Common law and civil law – differences – impact on the drafting
The authority of case-law
Certainty and clarity
Context of a contract
Rules of interpretation
Common terms and phrases
Special and technical meanings
Courts ‘canons of construction’
Mapping the commercial deal for the contract – examples
Tailor-made contract
Standard forms

The Drafting Process
6 W’s list
Key stages of the drafting process
Figures and formulae
Arnold v Britton
Execution formalities
Key issues to check for execution – the checklist

Forming a Contract
Creating a binding and enforceable agreement
Intention to create legal relations

The terms of the contract
Express Terms
Oral Statements
Written Terms
Parol Evidence Rule
Implied Terms
By law
By custom and usage
By Statute – Sale of Goods Act, Unfair Contract Terms Act

Limitation and Exclusion of Damages
Indirect and consequential loss
Loss of profit
Excluding and limiting claims
Caps on liability
Positioning of clause
The special test for exclusion clauses
Checklist for Limitation and Exclusion Clauses

Drafting exercise
Split into groups and draft limitation clauses

Drafting Warranties and Indemnities – Sample and Checklist
Trigger event
Losses covered by indemnity
Conduct of third-party claims
Best endeavors
Reasonable endeavors
Workshop – Participants will divide into groups and clarify the distinctions between these contractual remedies and the significant impact on drafting.

Termination, Force Majeure
Effect on other rights
Breach of contract
Force Majeure
Drafting a termination clause – checklist
Drafting a Force Majeure clause – checklist

Boilerplate Clauses
Why you should not “cut and paste”
Assignment and sub-contracting
Conflicts of language
Entire agreement
Insolvency and bankruptcy
Communication notices
Set off
Severance clause
Time of the essence

Drafting exercise
Split into groups and draft clauses