Frequently Asked Questions

Please find here the most Frequently Asked Questions at Accredited Africa Training Institute for Capacity Development in Johannesburg South Africa.

What is Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD)?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) is duly registered and incorporated in South Africa registered in South Africa in terms of section 14 of the Companies Act  2008. CIPC Registration Number: 2017/337061/07.

By virtue of the authority granted under the power of the act, we are legally and lawfully permitted to conduct capacity building programme aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of personnel at all levels, both in the private, public and non-governmental sectors.

Who qualifies to train at Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD)?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) offers a wide range of training programme suitable for Private Sector, Public sector, Government Parastatals and Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Personnel/staff. Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) is a training, research and consulting organization which provide Leadership and Strategic Management, Project and Logistics Management , Business Communication and Policy Analysis and Management programme aim at improving the knowledge and skills through training courses, workshops and seminars to private, public and Non-governmental sector at all levels.

How long are the courses?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) offers a number of short professional courses ranging from one to three (1-3 weeks). The duration may change for online training programme and long distance correspondence trainings. The programme in this case may be shortened of lengthened depending on the trainee’s need.

Can I choose a destination from where to do the training?
Yes, Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) conducts training for the all the off-shelf programme mainly in South Africa the Johannesburg Maboneng Precinct, the very best part of Midrand and Centurion where there is no crime and is upmarket.

Should there be need to get trained elsewhere in South Africa or Around the world we are open to consider the possibility and send our delegates there.

What are the modes of payment?
We accept payment of fees in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds or any currency equivalent in South African Rands to the course fees. The following payments method can be used:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Bank Cheque

In the event that a trainee wants to make payment through another mode, it should be communicated to us.

Is it possible to train online or long distance correspondence?
Yes it is, Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) readily offers online and long distance correspondence programme through Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) online Capture Technology method.

Who conducts the training?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) draws on the finest brains of top-notch facilitators, who are experts in their fields to pilot our dynamic courses. Our consultants are not only professionals in their fields, but they are active consultants and practitioners in their respective fields with pragmatic application and approach to learning.

Our core resource associates and dedicated facilitators / consultancy within SADC region and Europe and United States of America (USA) place us on a high competitive advantage in the training and consultancy field.

The institute has an update and revised consultant’s roster of dedicated consultants from government, private and individual freelance facilitators who are central to our programme.

What qualification do I get at the end of the training?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) awards internationally recognized certificates and diplomas to candidates upon successful completion of each training programme. Our certificates are recognized worldwide by the following Universities : University of London, University of Bellarat, Australia, James Cook University (JCU), Australia, Algonquin College , Ontario Canada.

Currently, Most of our past delegates running MBA programme overseas have been given exemptions on some courses on the basis of transcript that Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) provided on request to those institutions.

I want to be a professional Trainer; can I attain these skills at Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD)?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) offers a special training programme called the “Trainer of Trainers” from where you can readily acquire hands-on professional training and communication skills.

Does Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) conduct In – House training , support and coaching?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) management training approach includes on-job coaching, In – house and end user support for all trainees and organisation. These programmes are offered on demand by the organisations as and when the need arises within an agreed period of time.

What else do I get from Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) training?
Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD)’s training is unique because all our courses are computerized, thus participants are always provided with a free take home Laptop Computer or a Multi-media Desktop Computer with a DVD/CD Writer Combo, a Printer and an External fax modem OR an iPad or a Tablet (depending on clients’ choice) which will be useful to them on the job or at home after the training programme.

In what languages is the training done?
In English, French and Portuguese. Please be advised that terms and conditions will apply depending on the nature of the request.

Does Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) Make arrangement for Accommodation for Delegates?
Yes Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) arranges accommodation for its Accredited Africa Training Institute (AATICD) delegates in securing affordable and comfortable accommodation but does not pay for it , Unless instructed by the delegates.