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  1. I want to apply for a facilitor course at your institution. I would also like to know the duration of the course and payment method.

  2. I need to do this course due to the fact of self benefiting from the course. Need some additional learning for transportation management and logistics. Have never done anything with regards to this new venture. Please help by sending a full prospectus

  3. Thank you for your enquiry. Please fill in the online application for so that we have all your details so we can send you the necessary documentation.

  4. Hi Sabinah

    Please fill in the online form so we can have all your details and send you the necessary details showing the cost method of payment and duration. Thank you for the enquiry

  5. I wanna study facilitator’s course, have assessor and moderator courses. May I also have pricelist,payment methods and terms and conditions

  6. Hi My name is John Mpobole from Lesotho. I would to attend one of the courses you offer before the end of March 2020.

    Kindly send me a course calendar and applicable fee rates and alternative accommodation.

  7. I want to the facilitator.asessor and moderating cours…id like to know the price of each and duration

  8. Hi I am Sipho Nomandindi

    I want to do a Fleet Management course at Umtata Unisa Eastern Cape
    I want to do a distance learning

    Will your please help me about more information and what must I do

    my contacts are 0724147907/ 0839225120
    yours faithfull
    Sipho Nomandindi

  9. Want to study fleet management but I’ve a diploma in logistic and supply chain management

  10. I have practical Level 3 Certificate in Water Purification an at school I did History streem so want to know what course to do to continue with my Cetificate

  11. i would like to do a Fleet management course , kindly forward me your brochure with payable fees and duration.

    I need to do it over distance learning .

  12. Good day at the office how are today. My name is Lawrence sibanda im staying at jhb im willing to studie fleet management .currently im a truck driver .im willing to upgrade my self to fleet management control please help me with my request .i thank you