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Human Capital Planning

Why Attend Human capital professionals should start linking their activities to business strategic objectives. Therefore, HR should be a real business partner by presenting their expertise through a clear plan such as the HC plan which provides that link. This course will allow you to link all the HR activities to the business plan in […]

Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines

Why Attend Visions and goals are achieved when tasks are understood, priorities are established and deadlines are properly set. This course is designed to help participants develop the right capabilities to manage tasks, evaluate and establish the right priorities, and schedule activities based on clearly established deadlines. The course covers different methods and techniques to […]

Accredited Africa Training Institute for Capacity Development

Accredited Human Resource Management Training Courses

Available Training in South Africa – Accredited Human Resource Management Training Courses, Principles Of Human Resource, Manage Diversity In The Workplace, Apply NOW! Accredited Human Resource Management Training Courses can be designed to prepare students to work as human resources managers, human resources assistants, payroll administrators, office managers or labor relations officers. A course in […]