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Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The Procurement and Supply Chain Management course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of procurement processes, supply chain strategies, and best practices in managing the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. The course covers various aspects including sourcing, purchasing, logistics, inventory management, supplier relationship management, and strategic supply chain […]

Procurement Professional

Why Attend Procurement is at the heart of the supply chain function as the purchasing department can spend up to 70% of a company’s money. In this course, we will explore the strategic role of the procurement function and how this department can contribute to the entire organization. Supplier evaluation and negotiation will be discussed […]

Procurement Planning and Bid Management

Why Attend Planning is both the most critical and the most challenging phase of any procurement operation. It provides direction towards how the function intends to secure the supply security of the organization. When it comes to bidding management, a sound procurement plan will help balance the often conflicting goals of generating savings and satisfying […]